Research Team


Pascale Lehoux is known for her ability to engage into path-breaking research. Her career has been shaped by industrial design, which fosters the creative envisioning and pragmatic appraisal of the way technologies fulfill “real world” user needs.

Her work is motivated by the desire to improve our understanding and collective ability to govern technological change in health. Through her KT multimedia Lab, she has excelled in combining rigor and innovativeness in qualitative research.

She created Hinnovic — a blog whose mission is to transform how innovation in health is envisaged— and has pioneered multimedia-based public engagement methods.

This 7-year research program builds on her Canada Research Chair program (2005-2015), which clarified from a health policy standpoint the impact of business models, capital investment and economic policy on technology design processes in academic spin-offs.


Program Experts

Our research team includes academics from Canada, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Brazil and catalyzes research at the interface of health services research, medicine, engineering, design, ethics, sociology, economics and public policy.