Visual Repository of RIH

Visual Repository of RIH

The processes and products of RIH from innovation developers' viewpoint

This project aims to better understand how innovation developers perceive the processes and products of responsible innovation in health (RIH).

Our goal is to better understand what is and isn’t considered to be responsible from the perspective of those involved in the development of health innovation.

To do so, we are conducting interviews with clinicians, biomedical engineers, industrial designers or entrepreneurs working in Montreal, Sherbrooke, Toronto, and Waterloo.

Before the interview, participants are invited to browse a website developed by our research team that presents facts and illustrations of health innovations considered to be potentially responsible in the following health fields:




During the interview (60 to 90 min), participants are invited to comment on the content of the site and to share their opinion on the RIH dimensions, processes, and products.

Instructions for research participants here.


To participate, please contact:

LysanneRivard Lysanne Rivard, PhD, Research Professional
(514) 343-6111, ext. 3396