Students and postdoctoral fellows supervised by Pascale Lehoux:

2017Paola Diadori

Synthesis of the ethical issues of prenatal testing (MSc)

2017Mathieu Beaulieu

Social construction of innovative start-ups in health (PhD)

2016Sébastien Proulx

Engagement modalities in public deliberation (postdoc)

2015Imane Cheriet

Perception of prevention genetics in “Dessine-moi un futur!” study (MSc)

2015Olivier Demers-Payette

User involvement in medical innovation (PhD)

2014Loes Knaapen

Patient involvement in pharmaceutical market approval (postdoc)

2013Shahira Bhimani

Early health technology assessment (MSc)

2012Antoine Boivin

Patient and public involvement in clinical care priority-setting (PhD)

2012Geneviève Boyer-Legault

Health services utilization of drug users (MSc)

2012Stéphanie Lafleur

Adoption and use of the Hinnovic blog (MSc)

2011Hudson P. Silva

Health innovation policies in Brazil and Canada (postdoc)

2011Khalil Moqadem

Autonomy of peritoneal dialysis patients (PhD)

2011Luigi Lepanto

Assessment of innovations in Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) (MSc)

2010Dahlia Kairy

Assessment of telereadaptation: clinical and organisational changes (PhD)

2009Quan Nha Hong

Knowledge transfer in occupational health (MSc)

2009Alexandre Beaudoin

Assessment of forensic technologies (MSc)

2008Olivier Demers-Payette

Knowledge transfer in the context of a scientific café (MSc)

2008Alexandra Kossowski

Citizen involvement in health technology assessment (MSc)

2008Julie Fattal

Patient and consumer groups in health technology assessment (MSc)

2007Warren Winkelman

Information technology for chronically ill patients (postdoc)

2006Pierre Dagenais

Clinical practice guidelines for osteoporosis (MSc)

2006Janet Martin

Hospital-based health technology assessment (MSc)

2005Brigitte Côté

Knowledge transfer on the efficacy of insulin pumps (MSc)

2004Robert Geneau

Organization of clinical practice in family medicine (PhD)

2004Renald Lemieux

Assessment of scanner-based teleradiology (MSc)

2004Serge Péloquin

Dissemination of positron emission tomography (PET) in Quebec (MSc)

2003Myriam Hivon

Knowledge transfer in healthcare organizations (postdoc)

2003André Chevrier

Implementation of a Health Technology Assessment unit (MSc)

2002Olivier Sossa

Hospital-based health technology assessment (MSc)

2001Jennie Gagné

Involvement of elderly persons in research (MSc)

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