This research program offers precious opportunities to engage in transdisciplinary research geared at solving healthcare system challenges. Our training philosophy is to foster as much as possible students’ and trainees’ intellectual autonomy, helping them to articulate their own research proposal within our research streams.

We are currently recruiting brilliant, audacious and determined graduate students and postdoctoral trainees from Canada, the USA, Europe and emerging economies with expertise in public health, medicine, engineering, design, ethics, sociology, economics and public policy.

Graduate-level training is enabled through existing Master’s and PhD programs in Montreal, Toronto, Paris, York, Boston and Sao Paulo.

We excel in creating convivial, lively and creative spaces for trainees and mentors to share tools, resources and key “learning” events (defence rehearsal, draft paper critique, lunch with international guests, etc.). Training activities are supported by our KT Lab, relying on a mix of face-to-face venues and online tools. Competencies to be developed include “grant-manship”, scientific writing, knowledge syntheses, effective oral communication and new KTE media (e.g., “pecha-kucha,” video scripting, blogging).

Current students and trainees