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The Canada Research Chair on Innovation in Health ceased its activities in 2015. To see Professor Pascale Lehoux's current work, please visit the In fieri - Responsible Innovation in Health website



The Canada Research Chair on Innovations in Health
The Canada Research Chair on Health Innovations was held from June 2005 to June 2015 by Pascale Lehoux, Professor with the Department of Health Administration at University of Montreal.

Health technology research has mainly been concerned with "downstream" factors, i.e. efficacy, safety and costs of technologies once they are introduced in the health care system.

This Chair shifted focus and examined "upstream" factors that have an impact on the ultimate use and dissemination of health technologies, e.g. the design process itself, including needs analyses, design strategies, market constraints and opportunities and how stakeholders steer the innovation process.

The Chair generated knowledge that is useful for health care systems to continue adopting innovations while fulfilling the health needs of their population. Many of the choices made upstream determine the costs, the types of settings where technologies are used, and the levels of skills required to use them appropriately.

You may download the summary report of the research program here:

The Chair has investigated four research themes that have prompted many knowledge transfer and exchange activities.


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